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Ship-N-Shore No More

The Ship-N-Shore Marina property, located across from Waterslide Dr. & along the stretch of highway 97A (which some locals refer to as “Renter’s Row”), will soon be just another old memory.  This piece of property that has been owned by some part of the Evans' family for over 60 years is about to be sold!  This was a place I was thankful to call home for just over the past 9 years.  I also spent many long summer days working the docks and in the office of Jet Skis Ahoy!

The buyer chooses to remain a mystery as of this date, so no immediate future plans are known.  However, with the new Sunset Marina, a possible new location for Jet Skis Ahoy!, and a very probable development of some kind with the former Ship-N-Shore Marina property, major changes are sure to take place over the next 2 to 3 years on “Renter’s Row”.