ReQwest Tours & Transport LLC

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Wine Touring and Shuttling Services based in Chelan, WA

ReQwest Tours & Transport is the newest option for wine tours and shuttling services to, from, and all around North Central Washington.  Established in Chelan, the company is proud to run a business based on strong service and solid value.  Enjoy the Lake Chelan AVA wineries in comfort or take advantage of a competitively priced ride sharing alternative.

ReQwest Tours & Transport is similar to a taxi service, but not metered; a flat rate is charged instead.  This rate will always be made aware of up front, so that you may know ahead of time how much you will owe at the end of your tour or ride.  

The 2016 Durango, which has room for up to a group of 6,  is a (hopefully) nicer experience than what you are accustomed to when using a taxi or ride sharing company.  Your safety first, and then comfort are the company's top priorities.

Wine Tours

Wine tasting tours can take place in Chelan/Manson or Leavenworth area, but home (familiar) area is Chelan/Manson.

There are several different options when choosing what kind of tour you may want to do:

1.  Hourly  - This allows you to come and go to wineries as you please and I am accommodating of your time (no wait times between wineries).  Ready when you are to take you to the next one.  Stay as long or short as you like.  Beneficial if you want to hit more then 3 or 4 wineries during your tour with no waiting in between.  You can pick the wineries or I can recommend them.  This type of arranged tour always takes priority over others.

2.  Drop - On this tour you pay for each winery that you are dropped at.  Call when you are ready to head to the next one and I will be there within a 1/2 hour.  This type of tour works well for those who are patient and plan to stay longer than an hour at each winery they visit.  There is a minimum equivalent payment of 3 drops.  Your choice of wineries is still allowed with this type of tour.  

If you choose this option, please know that I maybe working with your group and possibly another, especially if it is a Summer Saturday or an event weekend.  If you want to be the only group I work with on a particular day, then the hourly rate is the best option.

3.  Shore to Shore (Chelan/Manson area only) - This consists of one drop on each the North and South Shore of Lake Chelan.  Spend up to 2.5 to 3 hours on each side of the lake tasting.  Both drop locations are within walking distance of 3 or more wineries.  Great for the group that just wants to go out tasting and may not have a specific place in mind and schedule (time) is of little issue.  This type of tour is not available November through March due to certain wineries being closed during those months.

Start times can vary and I am usually able to be very accommodating with your group regarding that, but tours must end no later than 7 pm. 

Shuttling Services

Shuttling can be considered something as simple as a ride to or from home, the bar, the casino, or a local airport to something much further away such as the Seattle or Spokane areas.   For longer trips, pre-arrangement is suggested.

Just a few more ideas for using the company's service:  Get a ride to/from playing golf, concerts, skydiving, a day trip to Leavenworth, or even a mountain trailhead for a hike.  I am also happy to help with your transportation needs regarding wedding related events.

Any other questions about wine tasting tours, shuttling services, or destinations then please do call or email ReQwest!