ReQwest Tours & Transport LLC

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Wine Touring and Shuttling Services based in Chelan, WA

Wine Tour Pricing

*Off Season Pricing Rates Now Available*

Sunday through Friday is $45 an hour.

Saturday is $60 an hour.

Drop rate is $30 per winery or restaurant on Saturday and $25 any other day of the week.

Shore to Shore is $75 flat on any day of the week.  If the option of time is available to drop you at another winery, then the Drop rate is charged in addition to the $75.  This type of tour is not available in November through March due to certain wineries being closed.

The minimum tour time is 3 hours.  If you are interested in a 5 or 6 hour tasting tour, then I would be happy to arrange a discounted hourly rate. The minimum for a Drop rate tour is 3 different drops.  

If you would like to tour the Chelan/Manson area wineries with a pick up from Leavenworth an additional $50 will be charged.  Same applies to those in the Chelan/Manson area wanting to tour the Leavenworth area wineries. Please note that most wineries do charge a tasting fee which you are responsible for.


Shuttling Service Pricing

Rides within Chelan and Manson area are $50 per hr.

Ride to/from Pangborn Memorial Airport (Wenatchee) is a flat $90 (one way).

Ride to/from Sea-Tac or Spokane Airport is a flat $275 (one way).

All prices are charged per tour or trip and not on a per person basis.  There are no discounts available for not filling all 6 seats.  So feel free to load up with friends or family.  There is 15% discount for military personnel (retired or active; please provide ID).  All  prices include taxes.  

An additional charge of $200 for the unfortunate sickness (vomit) inside the Durango can and will be charged.

Payment can be made in the form of cash, credit cards, or Apple Pay.  I use Square to process credit cards and Apple Pay.  No checks accepted.

Disclaimer:  You can tour on a budget or you can tour on a tight schedule.  I will plan your trip accordingly.  Trying to be both at the same time does neither one of us any good.  If you are both cheap and impatient, then I don't think you would enjoy your time with me, nor I with you.  Thank you ahead of time for keeping this in mind.