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More Than The Average Tasting Experience

While many of you are quite content with a great view and/or some wine in your glass, some vineyards are happy to share more of an actual tour experience.  What does this mean?  In short, it basically entails a walk to the vineyards and through their production room(s) where an expert staff member explains how grapes get from the vine to your glass.  It may also include tastings in the different stages of age.  Overall, it is an education on growing and production with many interesting insights.

Depending on the type of tour and what (if any) production maybe currently going on at the winery, a tour can be anywhere from twenty minutes to almost an hour.  Please be aware that this type of tour may not always be possible during a Saturday; the most optimal time is usually weekdays.  Most often this type of tour must be pre-arranged so that the correct staff is available.

All tours that I have either been on or heard about thus far have no charge associated with them.  The only charge is for your tasting fee which most wineries have, but some do waive with a bottle purchase.  There is no extra charge to set up this type of tour for you either.  If you have more questions about this or would like to book this type of experience, please email or call.